Hairbrush Cactus


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Cactus is a very special product: a unique hairbrush completely made out of individually formulated and manufactured materials.

Cactus is the perfect choice for those of you who expect only the finest performance from their hair tools.

Our expertly crafted, innovative, and stylish hairbrushes eliminate mechanical hair breakage and enhance shine for optimal results.

Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, thick or find, you can count on the cleverly designed Cactus brushes to glide through knots with ease for fuss-free styling without discomfort.

Optimal for woman, men and children alike, Cactus can be used on wet or dry hair, at home or on the go, and for any occasion.

  • Tourmaline micro-gem technology for silky smooth and shiny hair.
  • Innovative hi-tech compound eliminates heir breakage.
  • Expertly integrated with the strongest anti-microbial additives to prevent deterioration.
  • Premium anti-static components banish frizz
  • Ergonomic design fits perfectly into the right of left hand
  • Extreme UV protection ensures your Cactus stays looking new.
  • Magnetic Quick Release Cap Lock System protects your Cactus Barbora while on the go.